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Within a short time we start our new online shop for coffee specialties and accessories from around the world.

Expected departure is mid april 2012.

More and more modern vending machines are equipped with Banknotenakzeptoren and coin change givers, so it will become even more important to prevent upheavals in advance. We have the right solutions!

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The Hoellinger GmbH is one of the leading vending service provider in Germany. Since its founding in 1950, innovation, service and consultancy in the heart of the company's philosophy.

The Hoellinger GmbH specializes in the areas of the cigarette, vending machines, payment systems, watercoolers and catering equipment and advise you individually and purposefully.


New - Service for Lavazza Blue

Lavazza Blue Please use this form for sending us your Lavazza machine

PDF: Lavazza repair form